The Truth Won’t Set You Free

The ugly truth…

There’s an element of the population that respects truth, and thinks that truth will prevail. History does not support this theory.

Truth can be proven, yet most who profess it have no proof.

One example is in religion. In religious countries, (which is most of them), people will accept Jesus, Allah, Krishna or any one of hundreds of god myths as truth, forsaking all others. If you’re a Buddhist, you will not accept that Allah is the one true god. If you’re a Catholic, you won’t offer prayers or sacrifices to holy animals such as rats or cows.

The local religion will be the thing that ‘true believers’ are most sure of, but simple maths dictates that most have to be wrong.

Another example is in politics, where dictators, monarchs and party leaders force ‘the truth’ upon the people, regardless of the evidence that can be seen with their own eyes.

The world being flat, or the sun revolving around the earth was believed to be the truth by that vast majority of educated people for much of history.

Even in the bastion of democracy, only 51% is needed to influence practical reality. 30% might have a vested interest, which means that perhaps only 21% more need to be manipulated or fooled.

Plastic pollution in ocean
Little or nothing seems to be getting done about this, the same applies to air pollution.

Fossil Fools

In relation to fossil fuel, the future might be dictated by mob rule, or by strongman dictators. For a while it looked like the future was bleak for oil and gas, as well as LNG and coal, but now we can’t be sure at all.

We need affordable energy for a developing world, and increasingly for a first world with massive income gaps. The middle class is shrinking and disappearing in many rich countries, and is a tiny percentage in poor ones.

Do you believe that we’re moving forward in relation to wisdom and practicality in the world? There are arguments to be made that we’re around the corner from a new green world due to technological progress. The problem is that the arguments against are sometimes just as strong. Here’s an article about why electric cars are the future, and another that is skeptical about electric cars.

Look at the tons of plastic that is flowing into the oceans every day. If globally, we don’t care about the terrible pollution that we already have, how confident are you that fossil fuel will be left in the ground?

If we look at war, famine, environmental degradation and other human crises that are ongoing, but not being solved, why will energy be different?

The work done by Al Gore, Elon Musk, and those who championed the Paris accord are noble, but how can they compete with the masses? The hungry masses that want a better life, whether their leaders are autocrats or whether they’re part of manipulative democracies.

This is why fossil fuels will be around for many decades, because the intellectual elite is too small to make a difference. Mob rule, cheap prices and no thought for tomorrow will be the order of the day.

So, here we have it… An anti oil article about how oil ‘will win’ for the foreseeable future…

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